To the Editor:

For several decades residents of Jay and Livermore Falls have elected state representatives who have worked in a bipartisan manner to enact legislation that benefits our community. Unfortunately, Representative Sheila Lyman has not lived up to this standard.

Earlier this year Lyman went out of her way to vote against a bipartisan resolution commemorating the lives of the five police officers who were killed on January 6th (SP 670). Upset, I asked Lyman to explain her reasoning for this vote. She declined to elaborate.

Most shockingly, in her first term Lyman was the primary sponsor of not a single bill in the legislature. This is the most important part of her job.

Among the handful of bills Lyman co-sponsored, none became law. This is no surprise as these bills largely addressed extreme, far-right priorities like putting restrictions on the free press (LD 923) and stripping transgender students of their rights (LD 1401).

Residents of our community are concerned about jobs, cost of living, and property taxes, yet Lyman’s legislative priorities address none of these concerns.


Our community is reeling following the announced closure of the Pixelle paper mill. Now more than ever we need a state representative who can use the position to sponsor bills and get laws passed that will support soon-to-be laid off workers, small businesses, and seniors concerned about property tax bills. Not one who spends their time focused on divisive culture war issues.

Sheila Lyman is not up to the job.

Trevor Doiron


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