The 3C Society is holding an Autumn Ball Saturday evening, Oct. 8, at the Elks Lodge in Farmington for those with special needs. This red carpet, being tested by 3C Society member Amanda Beane’s dog Shelby will greet attendees. Submitted photo

FARMINGTON — The 3C Society is excited to be sponsoring a free red carpet event for those with special needs 6-8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 8, at the Elks Lodge.

The Autumn Ball is for those in the area 14 years of age and older with special needs and their families. Reservations are encouraged. Those planning to attend should call Arleen Maselli at 778-6520.

Amanda Beane and Maselli, two of the founding members of 3C Society both work with special needs clientele, Maselli said Tuesday, Oct. 4. “We recognize that that population doesn’t have a lot to do. We thought, ‘Why not do something for them?’

“There is still space [to attend],” Maselli said. “We have a photographer [Jaime Lynn Photography], Miss World Ambassador 2022 [Valerianne Hinkley of Wilton] and her team are joining us,” she said. “A guy we know, Jeremy who works in the business will be our DJ. Everyone will get VIP passes, there will be a red carpet when they arrive.”

“When I saw this event, my heart had me reach out to see if a few queens could volunteer to help mingle and ask guests to dance,” Hinkley wrote on her Miss World Ambassador 2022 Facebook page. She noted she was honored to receive a reply saying yes, “and so I put a team of queens together representing different systems.”


Volunteers have agreed to donate finger sandwiches, crackers and cheese, and baked goodies but there is a need for more, Maselli said. Food may be dropped off at the Elks Lodge Saturday morning at 10 a.m. when decorating for the ball is being done or at 4:30 before the ball starts, she noted. Donations may also be left at Ron’s Market or Knowlton Corner Farm, both in Farmington, she added.

“I would just like to express how grateful I am for all the friends, family and members of the community that have reached out with support for this event – from helping us spread the word, to offering to volunteer at the event or with decorating and baking goodies, everyone has been so amazing,” Beane said Wednesday morning. “I feel really blessed to live in such a loving community,” she added.

“A community member is making corsages for the girls, boutonnieres for the men,” Maselli said.

The 3C Society [caring, compassion, and community] is a small group of local women who joined together to make a positive impact in their community. Their goal is to inspire friends and community members to come together to make a difference in the lives of others.

The 3C Society is best known for its annual free Christmas dinner. Last year was the seventh year they organized the meal which on average serves 150.

“The 3C Society has been doing things for the community in general,” Maselli said. “We’ve been thinking of doing a dance for the blind.”

“I am really excited for this Saturday,” Beane said.


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