To the Editor:

Look out – Doug Thomas is running again for senator. I’m surprised that he would consider running against Senator Russell Black given Thomas’s unpopular championing of the CMP Corridor and the East West Highway.

The latter’s superhighway would’ve cut Maine in half, primarily to transport Frac oil across Maine to Canadian ports. Thomas also supports the CMP Corridor that would use Maine Public Lands. Both projects – which Doug Thomas supports – would cut a swath of land across the largest and last contiguous forest left in the United States.

In May 2012, I attended an East West Highway informative rally with over 1000 Mainers in Dover-Foxcroft. “Dump Doug” was the most repeated sentence I heard. Doug lost the next election with only 42% of the vote. Thomas must be hoping that Mainers forgot that he didn’t support them … and he is still fighting 59% of Mainers who rejected CMP’s Corridor in 2021.

Thankfully, Senator Russell Black has dutifully supported the Maine people even if it meant standing strong against both a democratic and republican governor. Black has protected Maine Public Lands from constitutional corruption as he is the Black in Black v. Cutco lawsuit.

Doug Thomas doesn’t support Mainers, just big business interests that would rob Mainers of their way of life. The choice is clear, Russell Black has a proven track record of protecting Maine. Vote for Russell Black- hard-working logger, farmer, beekeeper.

Ed Buzzell


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