To the Editor:

Paul LePage viciously attacked Governor Mills when she pointed out in their Portland debate that the sales tax was increased from 5% to 5.5% during LePage’s administration. LePage called her a “Pinocchio”, erroneously bragging the sales tax was 5.5% when he took office.

The sales tax was 5% in 2011 when LePage was sworn in. It was temporarily increased to 5.5% on 10/1/2013 while LePage was governor to avoid a deficit from LePage’s fiscal irresponsibility and would have expired in 2015. Instead, the increase was made permanent in 2015 during LePage’s watch.  He collected hundreds of millions of our hard-earned tax money and didn’t even know.

LePage tried and was rejected to work for Trump, twice. LePage failed in Florida and didn’t run back to Maine because he was succeeding.

Successful Mills tripled LePage’s tiny little rainy day fund with no broad-based tax increases.

Bob Jean


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