NORWAY — Please join us Friday, November 11, from 5-7 p.m. for an opening reception for the latest show at the Matolcsy Art Center, 426 Main Street in Norway, for “Unrolling Vic…An Art Show.”

Recently, Nikki Millonzi unrolled large colorful canvases of her late father, Victor Millonzi’s that were stored in her attic. Although Vic was best known for his neon sculptures, he loved plant forms and was a consultant at the New York Botanical Garden. Nikki was amazed at how lively his plant form canvases still looked after 42 years! The colors were clear and bright and they spoke to her.

Nikki emptied the walls in her studio and tacked up his big canvases. Some were signed and she just enjoyed them as they were because for Vic they were finished. Others seemed unfinished and they started to call to her. She started to have ideas on how to evolve them. Did she dare add paint to the canvases? Did she dare to take these unfinished pieces further? After checking in and listening she seemed to get an OK and started to do just that.

She added paint, then collage, and finally new works emerged. As she completed these pieces, she started to create her own canvases based on forms in her garden. At first she was apprehensive, but as time passed, she began to see that her palette and approach was more similar to her father’s than she had ever imagined. It was a pleasant and significant realization.

“Unrolling Vic” will be up through November 27. It can be viewed on Wednesday and Saturday from 11-3 and by appointment or serendipity. For more information, please visit Our email address is [email protected] The gallery is free and open to the public.

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