Nick Sampson, the new coordinator for Rangeley Health Ride has some big shoes to fill now that former enthusiastic Paul Nute moved out of the area having to vacate the position. However, knowing the critical role this program plays for the community, Sampson is up for the challenge. He hopes to use his past experiences and various contacts to recruit some new year-round team members.

Rangeley Health Ride offers residents of Rangeley, Sandy River, Dallas Plantation and Rangeley Plantation transportation both to and from out-of-town medical appointments on weekdays and at no charge.

Sampson says that this time of year is always a challenging time of year as the summer volunteers have all gone and yet the need is as high as ever.

Sampson is eager to get more drivers and insists it’s a very relaxed program. “It’s important potential driver candidates understand that when and where they volunteer to drive is totally up to them. There is no expected quota for the number of drives performed in a month. They receive a list of open requests with the date, time, and location every week. They only sign-up if they want to cover any of the open requests.”


There is usually about one scheduled visit a day and as there is currently only one Rangeley Health Ride vehicle, a daily ride is all that would be feasible for now anyway.  A typical ride to Farmington which includes the pick-up time, drive time and appointment time can take up several hours easily.


However, as a volunteer himself, Sampson was quick to say the time spent was pleasant and added that the benefits of the volunteer community work were mutually beneficial. “This is a great opportunity to help a neighbor in need. The travel time allows for some wonderful conversations and getting to know others in our community.”

Besides having a driver’s license, the volunteer must pass background checks, but other than that, it’s a fairly easy process and very much appreciated.

So, what do you say? Will you join the team?

For more information or to either volunt eer or put in a ride request, please call (207) 864-9777.

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