RLRS Student Council President Isabelle Whittier, and Vice President Lily Shaffer, worked with the Student Council advisor, Maryam Emami, to coordinate a local day of service that was held on October 18. Ten students combined their efforts to rake and gather leaves at two homes looking for some assistance: seniors Isabelle Whittier and Daxxtyn Williams; juniors Bree Quimby, Angelica Chavaree-Woodward, Barrett Quimby, and Lily Shaffer; sophomores Brooke Laliberte, Jake Bottcher, and Nichole LeMay; and lone freshperson Olivia Wakefield.

It was a beautiful autumn day. The kids brought rakes and their good humor as they worked for several hours before heading to Sarge’s where lunch was provided for the kids by Crystal, Jamie, and the Sarge’s crew. Ms. Emami said about the kids, “They were so eager they began arriving a half-hour early. I didn’t have to direct them either. They just got to work and knew what to do. And they worked so hard too.”

Isabelle agreed. “This should be a regular thing where students can voluntarily offer their time. It shouldn’t be made mandatory. That would defeat what altruism is all about.”

Top (L-R): Breezy Quimby, Olivia Wakefield, Brooke Laliberte, Daxxtyn Williams, Angelica Chavaree-Woodward, Isabelle Whittier, and Barrett Quimby Bottom (L-R): Jake Bottcher, Nichole LeMay, Ms. Emami, and Lily Shaffer.

This was Lily’s second year in a row volunteering her free time between soccer games. She said, “It’s the right thing to do. We’re a small community and each of us will need a helping hand at some time. It’s really rewarding. You’re getting back as much as you’re giving.”

Brooke Laliberte, sophomore and repeat volunteer, said, “It’s nice to be nice to the nice. I almost feel selfish doing it because helping others makes me feel so good.”

Community service is an essential component to an individual’s growth. It means so much in our small community, knowing that we’re here for each other, that not one of us is alone, and that help is a mere phone call away. Instilling the precept of kindness is the mortar holding our society together. Thank you, students and Ms. Emami, for reminding us of what a healthy social body can look like. Altruism is an addiction we could all learn to live with.

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