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100 Years Ago: 1922

The Lewiston-Auburn social season commenced Saturday afternoon with a big auction party at the New DeWitt Hotel given by Mrs. Dana S. Williams, Mrs. Harry Stetson and Mrs. Philip L. Pottle. Twenty-eight tables were set for the game in the large dining room which was very effectively decorated in black and yellow appropriate to the Halloween season. It was an especially positive gathering, following the summer vacation and took on rather the nature of a reunion.

50 Years Ago: 1972

(from a Journal photo) This surprised looking skeleton was “caught in the act” of preparing for Halloween trickery on the rooftop of the J. Richard Ouellette residence at 90 Flanders St., Auburn. The unique decoration was made by Ouellette and the three Ouellette children. Becky, Brenda and Timmy, helped their father in making Halloween spookery ‘‘come alive” in Auburn.


25 Years Ago: 1997

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Afraid of black cats? Well, maybe the black cats have a lot more reason to be afraid of you. Animal shelters in the area are holding off adoptions of any black cats they have until after Halloween. Shelter operators say they would rather delay placing a black cat than having one go to the wrong person.

“We have heard that people might try to get a black cat around Halloween for superstitious reasons,” said Diana Lovejoy, manager of Responsible Pet Care in Norway. “If we had a request for a black cat now, we would hold up the application.”

Lovejoy said operators of animal shelters and pet shops have to recognize the consequences of placing any animal when their motives are suspect. In a few cases, someone may want a black cat for ritual exploitation. However, just as serious, is the person who adopts a black cat at this holiday season for the novelty of it then later loses interest.

Steve Dostie, operations manager at the Lewiston & Auburn Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, also said adoption of a black cat would be delayed until an applicant was checked out. “If we were asked for a black cat now, our flags would go up,” he said.


Lovejoy said she thinks talking about the possible malicious motive for getting a cat is not likely to plant ideas.

“The other side of the issue is that we have this chance to caution people about taking care of their cat and urging people to get the right cat for them,” she said.

Solid black is an uncommon coloration, according to cat breeders, although solid white is the rarest.

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