Voting in Maine is easy and accessible for our citizens. We have hardworking people like Kathy Montejo, Lewiston city clerk, and the staff in her department to thank for administering a clear, simple, and transparent voting system.

We can vote early by absentee ballot through the mail or at city hall, or we can vote in person at the polls on Election Day. When candidates have concerns about an election outcome, they have the ability to call for a ballot recount.

I once had the pleasure of participating in a ballot recount for a state legislative race, where volunteer Republicans and Democrats sat side-by-side and reviewed each paper ballot to verify it was counted properly. The recount was identical to the original count, down to the last vote.

While the recount is a good system to maintain confidence in election outcomes — especially highly contested races with narrow victory margins — recounts usually yield the same electoral outcome as the original count. This is because public workers like our clerks and secretaries are experts who are dedicated to ensuring a well-organized voting process.

We have these public workers to thank for supporting this essential feature of our democracy: free and fair elections.

Craig Saddlemire, Lewiston

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