Crescent Park First grader, Asher Tompkins and his class headed to the post office to mail letters to veterans thanking them for their service. Rose Lincoln, Bethel Citizen

BETHEL — First graders in Kirsten Meader’s class at Crescent Park Elementary School in Bethel sent 15 letters to veterans to thank them for their service. “We are sharing a circle of love,” said Meader.

Kimball Burill, 6, wrote her letter to “Buppa” her Mom’s dad. “Thank you for saving this country,” she wrote. What country she was asked? “Maine,” she responded.

Anna Sceliga, 6, wrote to her neighbor Paul, a veteran, who she brings cookies to because he is sick. Odessa Adams, 6, said her letter is “to a person who needs it.” Her message was,” thank you for protecting our country.”

The group, including Ed Tech Alex Edmunds of Bethel, and Student Teacher, Koley True, of Woodstock, walked first to the Town Common, then to the post office to mail the letters. Later in the day, veteran, Dan Connell, of West Paris, talked about his military experience and distributed souvenirs and certificates to the students.

Crescent Park first grader, Thomas Moore, 6, wrote this letter to a veteran then headed to the post office to mail it. Rose Lincoln, Bethel Citizen


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