Harry Orcutt, Commander of Jackson-Silver Post 68 American Legion holds his cap in the air when “And the Caissons Go Rolling Along” was played to honor him and others who served in the U.S. Army. Rose Lincoln, Bethel Citizen  

GREENWOOD — Post Chaplain Commander Harry G. Orcutt recited a song lyric from the 1960’s, “So long Mom, I’m off to drop the bomb,” to make a point, “though satire then, it has the chilling ring of truth now,” he said. About 50 people listened to Orcutt at  a Veteran’s Day Ceremony at the American Legion Jackson Silver Post 68, on Gore Rd, in Locke’s Mills.

Orcutt’s address was a harsh reminder that aggression continues in the world. “Anyone who believes that humankind is a species seeking peace has not studied much human history,” he said. He talked of the four countries that have recently made threats against the United States and it’s allies, Russia, North Korea, Iran and China and outlined the specific aggressions each country’s leaders have made.

He ended optimistically. “Let us hope that sanity will prevail. That the ancient biblical promise will at last be realized. That our swords will be beaten into plowshares. And that all humanity enjoys the gifts of our beautiful abundant planet.”

The ceremony opened with the Mahoosuc Band’s rendition of the National Anthem and following the speech, they played a medley of all the military hymns. Veterans sitting in different places around the large room, stood while their song was played.

At 11 a.m., Orcutt rang a bell to honor American men and women who served during World War I, especially the 116,516 who died. The war was ended by an armistice agreement between the warring countries at 11 a.m. on 11/11  in 1918.

Next, the Post 68 Color Guard went out a side door with a trumpeter from the band to perform the rifling salute and taps. They had to forgo the dueling sequence because just one trumpeter was on hand.

Five women who support the post in different ways received certificates of Meritorious Service and Appreciation for their work. Hazel Cole was there to pick up a certificate for Betty Christenson and received one as well. She, Marleen Twitchell, Marie Bartlett, and Kelly Bickford (former post commander and joint-post service officer), were escorted one by one to the podium to be honored. “The post couldn’t function without their support,” said Orcutt.

The closing prayer was delivered by Post Chaplain, Daniel Grover,”…we shall move forward in the sight of God as a strong nation in a peaceful world. Amen”

Marie Bartlett receives an award for Meritorious Service and Appreciation from the post at the Veteran’s Day Service on 11/11. Rose Lincoln, Bethel Citizen  

Harry Orcutt awards Kelly Bickford a Meritorious Service and Appreciation Award from the post at a Veteran’s Day Service on 11/11. Rose Lincoln, Bethel Citizen

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