Keepunumuk: Weeachumun’s Thanksgiving Story

By Danielle Greendeer, Anthony Perry, and Alexis Bunten

Illustrated by Garry Meeches, Sr.

This new story of Thanksgiving, published in 2022, gives readers a different look at the Thanksgiving story from the view of a Wampanoag family. It was written and illustrated by three Native Americans citizens: Wampanoag, Chickasaw, and Yu’Pik/ Unangan.

Warmly illustrated in fall tones, it is a tale of harvest time (Keepunumuk) told by grandmother (N8hkumuh…8 is not a error) to Maple and Quill, her granddaughter and grandson.

The main characters in grandmother’s story are Corn (Weeachumun), big sister to Beans and Squash. Fox informs the three sisters about the hard times the “new people” have had since they arrived. Learning this, they know the right thing to do is to help. You will find out many things the People of the First Light did to help the newcomers.


The “Important Words to Know” and their definitions at the beginning of the book are fun to learn and very helpful when reading the story. Where is Turtle Island? What is a wetu? What is nasamp?

The last few pages of the book are non-fiction. Learn what a Spirit Plate is and how to make one. You may be surprised to find out what sad phrase the New England tribes called the Thanksgiving season…and why.

Finally, find a recipe for nasamp that is healthy, easy to make, and tasty!

Thankful eating to all.

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