To the Editor:

Christmas for Families with the help of many elves have been helping our community for over 40 plus years and every year this community comes together to help. We do not feel that we can have a fundraiser again this year as there is still so many questions that no one can really answer so we will do our best to help where we can. The pandemic has hurt so many people that it is hard to figure out what will happen next. Even though things are getting, better there is always the chance it will cancel some events.

We do hope that things are going better for all of you. As hard as it is to believe we are going into the Holiday season, with Thanksgiving, then we have Christmas then a New Year, and we can all hope it will be better than the last few years. Last year we helped 130 children and their parents.

As in many past years, people have been making things all year to donate from blankets, pillowcases, scarfs, hats and mittens, just to name a few. Whatever you decide to do, it will be a great help. Donations will go to Christmas for Families, care of Nina Wheeler, 156 Barker Rd, Bethel, ME 04217 or email [email protected] We appreciate everything that comes our way and make sure we find homes for things.

Some Fundraisers around town are at Brooks Bros. and Le Mu Eats – please help them make a difference. If you need help or know someone that does, just let us know. We try to keep it as confidential as possible. Just send a message to Nina Wheeler and she will make sure that you get an application, you can also stop by Maine Street Realty in Bethel.

Their first door is unlocked and you will find on your left a folder with blank applications and a box to put the completed ones in. We all know that life can change anytime and unless we have walked in others’ shoes, we do not know what they have to deal with … so if we can help make even just a little difference, then that is what we want to do.


Our hope for all is that it will be a great year ahead. Merry Christmas!

Nina Wheeler

Christmas for Families


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