BRIDGTON — Gallery 302 is pleased to welcome guest artist, Guenola Lefeuvre. Guenola creates Textured Porcelain, which is ceramic pieces, organic in form, and inspired by her environment, her garden and her love of the seacoast. Guenola’s work reflects the color, depth, and textures of the natural world. As a ceramicist, she uses clay pulled from the earth, water to shape the clay, and fire to vitrify the clay into functional pieces. She is fascinated by the fact that such a soft and malleable material can be sculpted and fired into a strong, functional piece of art that can used in everyday life.

All of Guenola’s work is wheel thrown, one of a kind, and made from porcelain clay. After creating the pieces on her wheel, she will spend hours decorating the surface, impressing textures from our world, and adding underglazes and slips for a hint of color. Once happy with the surface detail, Guenola bisque fires the pieces in an electric kiln, before adding glaze and firing once again in a reduction kiln. Guenola says, “it is always a thrill to open the kiln and see what awaits.”

This keeps her motivated and excited to continually experiment with her process. Guenola is looking forward to working in her newly renovated studio at home, where she’ll soon be firing in her new soda kiln.

Guenola Lefeuvre’s “Textured Porcelain” can be found at Gallery 302, located at 112 Main Street, in Bridgton, from Friday, December 2, through Monday, January 2, 2023. For additional information, please call 207-647-2787 during business hours, to speak with one of our artists or visit Gallery 302 would like to invite you to a meet & greet reception, in Guenola’s honor, on Friday evening, December 2, from 5 – 7 p.m.. Thank you for being a part of the journey!

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