If I gathered all the thank-you letters I’ve received during my tenure, they would fill this whole section of the Sunday paper and then some. Here’s a sample of birthday notes. I’m so lucky!

Dear Sun Spots: Happy 50th birthday to Sun Spots, which has been an incredible blessing to so many people for all these years!

I’m not sure how many Ms. Sun Spots there have been, but I knew the first one personally. Regardless of the number, each one has touched her readers with her helpful, caring manner.

You go out of your way to dig out the answers to our many questions and have been a lifesaver to nonprofit organizations, helping them raise funds for their special needs. Danville Junction Grange is so indebted to you for all the help you have given us! You have also aided many individuals who have needed your help.

I honestly think, however, that the secret to the popularity of the Sun Spots column is YOU, Ms. Sun Spots. You have such a warm, caring, and down-to-earth manner that most people think of you as the friend next door. I love your personal comments! It’s obvious that you love people and really like your job.

I’m hoping that the Sun Spots column will continue for many years, and that you will continue to be at the helm for many of those, Ms. Sun Spots. HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY, SUN SPOTS!


— Glenys, Auburn

* * *

Dear Sun Spots: Your column is such a help for organizations like the Grange, local churches, and for individuals. It’s fun, folksy and always informative – information, recipes, lost and found — Sun Spots has it all. It’s a bright spot in the day and the first thing we turn to in the paper. Keep up the good work.

— Barbara, Poland

* * *

Dear Sun Spots: I’ve read the Sun Spots column since we moved to Mechanic Falls in 1986. I always find interesting things in the articles published. My favorite column was when Ms. Sun Spots asked for money-saving ideas. The column was full of all kinds of ideas and it became a regular feature in the paper for quite a few months. With the rising inflation we are now experiencing, it might be something to consider bringing back!


Thank you, Mrs. Sunspots, for sharing my coffee with me throughout the years.

— Nancy, Mechanic Falls

* * *

Dear Sun Spots: I wish you the best 50th birthday possible as you certainly deserve it. I can only wish you all the good things and happiness you have given all of us whom you have helped and cheered with your column.

I also want you to know you are the main reason I buy the Sun Journal since the world news and politics are at the bottom of my “inspirational” reading.

You helped me with my stamp collecting several years ago, assisted friends with finding copies of their old high school yearbooks, and have found answers and allowed us to extend thank-yous to all the great readers who step up to help.


I just can’t say enough good things. I don’t want my letter to be too long to be printed!

— Virginia, South Paris

* * *

Dear Sun Spots: Your column is my first stop when reading the LSJ! Not just for your massive Rolodex, heartwarming stories of others paying for dinner/lunch and then paying it forward that restores feelings of kindness, but for your amazing forum to help find lost items.

I personally received my “Christmas Miracle” utilizing these services in 2019. While Christmas shopping, unbeknownst to me, the clasp on my necklace broke and I lost it, including a very sentimental charm.

After a sleepless night it came to me: Ms. Sun Spots! I wrote to you and you published my letter. Within days a reader returned my necklace and charm to the LSJ office. Getting that call was amazing! You provided info on the angel who found my necklace/charm. When I met the finder of the necklace and I gave her a gift of appreciation, she told me she knew it must be very special to someone. I am forever grateful to her, and of course, to Ms. Sun Spots!


— AnnMarie, South Paris

* * *

Dear Sun Spots: You have helped so many of us and we appreciate you so much. One of those times was when our priest left his cane on the back of his car and it was lost. You came through even though we never did find it. We appreciated that you got the message out and people were looking. You are one of the first things I read with interest every morning in my epaper. For all that you share, we love ya!!!

— Karen, Hebron

Editor’s note: To those readers who wrote congratulatory letters that arrived after the deadline, those letters will be published in upcoming Sun Spots as they come in.

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