Sun Spots Land has some rules — not too many, just enough to keep organized so I don’t feel like I’m herding kittens with oven mitts.

• Include all the details. It’s better to have too much than too little. Never worry about your letter being “too long.” (I know how to edit.)

• Send in the announcement for your fundraising event at least two weeks ahead if possible. If you are just inviting people to come to your event, send it to our community news editors at [email protected] And you can get your event on our events calendar by going to our website and adding an event under the A&E pulldown.

• If you are seeking monetary or in-kind donations for your nonprofit event, offering table rentals, need volunteers, or have other requests, those can be included in the column.

• Sun Spots will publish information about items you are looking for or want to give away, but items for sale are not accepted. Contact our good people who handle classified ads at 784-5411 for that. It’s inexpensive to place an ad and they’ll make it easy for you.

• Complaints about companies, organizations, or the neighbors; issues with doctor bills or figuring out your taxes; the rudeness of a store clerk or a disagreement with your child’s teacher — all those kinds of things need to be worked out with the parties involved. Those topics are not Sun Spots material.

• If you aren’t a member of a nonprofit and are looking for a particular item, you must offer compensation unless it’s something people would normally recycle.

• I cannot connect you to another reader except for extraordinary circumstances. I cannot honor requests to answer your questions confidentially either. When you write to Sun Spots, expect your letter to be published. If I’m not certain a letter is appropriate for Sun Spots, I consult with Sun Journal editors before making a final decision.

• All letters must have your name (I only use your first name) and have (preferably) a phone number or at least an email address. I won’t include your name if you ask me not to, but if you are giving away an item, your first name and phone number need to be printed in the column so people can reach you. It’s also helpful for other readers if you list the town you live in so they know how far away you are from them.

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