Maine’s longstanding ban on Sunday hunting is a good idea.

It represents tried and true public policy that has withstood the test of time, along with the scrutiny of many legislators, governors and differing partisan majorities. It works.

Nonetheless a handful of people who think otherwise are now using a newly enacted constitutional amendment to bootstrap their ambition into a “right” to wander around someone else’s privately owned property seven days per week with loaded firearms, instead of the six days already afforded by state law. These plaintiffs cry that their rights are being infringed.

I say to the plaintiffs — cry us a river, float down it, and join the rest of the general public which tolerates modest infringement of rights here and there, in exchange for the common good.

We can only hope that the wise ones who wear black robes and ponder weighty matters will keep this genie in the bottle.

Scott Cole, Bethel

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