On Tuesday, Dec. 6, Livermore Selectpersons accepted the resignation of Administrative Assistant Aaron Miller effective Dec. 23. He is seen at center in this June 2021 photograph with Town Clerk Renda Guild who is leaving her position in January. File photo/Livermore Falls Advertiser

LIVERMORE — Following a closed door session Tuesday evening, Dec. 6, Selectpersons accepted the resignation of Aaron Miller, the administrative assistant to the selectpersons. His last day will be Dec. 23.

Miller was hired in Aug. 2020, after serving six years as administrative assistant to the selectpersons for the Town of Whitefield. He will become the Town Manager of Vassalboro effective Dec. 27, succeeding Mary Sabins who is retiring Jan 2, 2023, according to a Dec. 6 release from Vassalboro which Miller shared with the Livermore Falls Advertiser.

Miller lives in Alna. He obtained his bachelor of science in communications from Norwich University in Vermont.

Livermore Town Clerk Renda Guild and Deputy Clerk Jean Tardif announced their resignations in September. Their last day will be Jan. 3, 2023.

“We knew he was looking for a job, something closer to home,” Selectperson Chair Mark Chretien said in a phone interview later Tuesday night. “We are trying to find a town clerk with experience, will be posting them in a lot more places. If we get applicants we will be reviewing them as quickly as they come in.”

In his letter of resignation, Miller noted his decision was made with mixed emotions and thanked the Select Board for their trust in hiring him. “I am so proud to have served this community not only as a facilitator but as a first responder,” he wrote. “I hope I leave this office a better place.”


Miller shared his latest accomplishment for the town during the meeting Tuesday, noting the Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and The Future announced Nov. 30 the Town of Livermore received a conditional award of approximately $43,000 to pay for several improvements to the Town Office, Highway Garage and Community Building. Miller submitted the grant in September. The information was posted on the town’s Facebook page and website.

The grant is through the Maine Won’t Wait Community Resilience Partnership Community Action Grant.

“There is no match, it is one of those grants to keep your eye on in the future as far as helping out with municipal buildings, keeping in line with lowering our carbon footprint,” Miller said. “We will be installing energy efficient lighting at the Community Building, two replacement windows and a $12,000 heat pump to aid in heating and cooling there.” The grant will also cover a new heat pump in the Town Office Complex conference room and a larger one for the highway garage, he noted.

According to the award announcement:

• Since joining the town as Administrative Assistant two years ago, Aaron Miller and the select board have made great strides in reducing the town’s carbon footprint and expect to see that continue over the next several years. The town has shown that commitment by recently entering into a 20-year net energy billing contract with Revision Energy to provide clean power to the town.

• In addition, the legislative body agreed at town meeting to install an energy efficient propane furnace at the Community Building. The town’s administration has also worked with Central Maine Power to replace all streetlights with LED bulbs and won a grant to install a new heat pump at the Town Office.


In an email Monday, Dec. 5, Miller noted he was working on some minor adjustments to the grant that he thought would be finished the next day. “We expect that the state will send us a packet in mid-December that will include a letter with the terms of the grant,” he wrote. He anticipated all work would be completed by December 2023 with the new heat pumps supplementing existing heating systems and helping with cooling, he continued.

In other business, selectpersons approved a tax abatement request by the assessor for Jason and Sherry Labbe on River Road. The $62,000 decrease in valuation is $1,003.65 for the 2022-2023 year, Miller said.

Selectpersons agreed to seek another fill-in attendant for the transfer station. Two people should be there, the current one was unavailable Dec. 6, Miller noted. A few people will be asked and the position will be posted, he said.

Miller said Cipp’s Power Line in Athens is ready to install a light at Brettuns Pond. “You wanted me to ask if the price had gone up,” he stated. “I didn’t ask him that question. He said they could do it, didn’t say anything about an increase. They asked that we call Dig Safe and let them know when it has been cleared.”

“I don’t think it will alleviate the problem but hopefully it is a step in the right direction,” Selectperson Randy Ouellette said.

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