Coach: Ami-Jo Greco (eighth year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C South
Returning athletes: Seniors — Caly Gordo, Delani Merrill, Emma Hebert, Jenna Gallant; Sophomores — Aiyana Mederios, Madeline Huggins.
Promising newcomers: Junior — Haylee Gailloux; Sophomores — Haylee Gailloux, Martina Fernandez Ayora, Skylar O’Connor.
Season outlook: The Cougars are working on more advanced choreography and increasing the skill difficulty of their routine to remain competitive this season.

Coach: Dawna LaBonte (first year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A North
Returning athletes: Senior — Alliyah Pelletier.
Promising newcomers: Sophomores — Rilee Fournier, Elina McCarthy; Freshmen — Ava Ciriello, Aryanna Bachelder, Izzy Hernndez, Domenica Peaslee, Madisyn Ritchie.
Season outlook: LaBonte described the Red Eddies as a small team with big hearts. They have been practicing hard for upcoming competitions. The team’s moto is, “You will never get this day again. Make it count!”

Coach: Melissa Burila (10th year)
Conference: WMC; Class: B South
Last year results: Second at WMCs, 13th at state championships.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Haley Lang, Ashley Lang; Juniors — Kiara Martinez, KylieJo Lewis; Sophomores — Erika Parlin, Brooklyn Gould, Marissa Rowe.
Promising newcomers: Grace Haskell, Charolette Testa, Hannah Gordon, Piper Aube, Valerie Karp, Hailey Phillips.
Season outlook: The Patriots’ numbers have improved and they have also developed a strong team chemistry that Burila said will make for a fun season.

Coach: Andrea Keneborus (fourth year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: B South
Last year’s results: Second at KVACs and regionals, fifth at state championships.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Emma Caouette, Skyla Lapointe, Alia Bell, Kira Welch, Fya Link; Juniors — Madelyne Keneborus, Ryleigh Green, Sophomores — Jayna Jarvis, Madison Worcester, Abby Veinott.
Key losses: Lilly Pelletier, Ellah Houghton, Jayna Thistle, Kylinn Marquis.
Promising newcomers: Senior — Jada Coburn; Freshmen —Kallie Brown, Lyndsey Bachelder.
Season outlook: The Hornets push themselves in practice and are eager to learn the ropes. Keneborus said the athletes’ skills and growth have been impressive. She added, “Expect a fast-paced routine with typical Hornet flare!”

Coach: Matthew Hanley II (fourth year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A North
Last year’s results: Third at KVACs, second at regionals, Class A state champions.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Audrey Bilodeau, Emilie Levasseur; Juniors — Madeleine Albert​, Kelsea Anderson​, Phoenix Beaulieu​, ​​​​Ava Blanchette​, ​Jersey Cunningham​, ​​Siara Laliberte, ​Allison Lavallee, ​Reese Maynard​, ​Gabrielle Thomas​; Sophomores — ​Fiona Hutchinson​, ​Khloe Kirk​, Aubrey Wood​.
Key loss: Hannah Dube.
Promising newcomer: Freshman — Emma Mills.
Season outlook: The Blue Devils have come into the season ready to work hard with Hanley and assistant coach Torey Reny. The team has set big goals and is ready to compete with more energy.

Coach: Nicole Adams (10th year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C South
Last year’s results: Regional champions, Class C state champions.
Returning athletes: Sophomores — Riley Hoyle, Nevaeh Fortin, Mackenzie Theriault.
Key losses: Annika Golino, Grace Braley, Trinity Trufant, Jennifer St. Pierre, Reese McAtee.
Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Kyla Berube, Sela Russell, Kendall Gravel, Reese Kulow, Alivia Saunders, Payton Hoyle, Ava Kottmann, Tiana Seaborne, Ella Morales, Solaya Russo.
Season outlook: Despite their youth, yhe Greyhounds remain determined. Adams said the team is looking forward to working on the floor together and welcome St. Dom’s athletes to the program.


Coach: Jessica Sirois (first year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C South
Last year’s results: Third at MVCs and regionals, eighth at state championships.
Returning athletes: Senior — Delaney Bouchard; Juniors — Kirstynn Blouin, Celeste Dickey, Kara Jasud, Abby Jones, Olivia Pitcher; Sophomores — Paisley Clukey, Tessah LeClerc, Maiya Melcher.
Key losses: Kenedi Arsenault, Taylor Duguay, Abby LeBlanc, Lauren Pepin, Annette Bucilova.
Promising newcomers: Juniors — Penny Bishop, Nevaeh D’Angelo, Lilli Rotering, Antonia Bossems; Sophomore — Olivia Grasruck; Freshmen — Mariya Gammon, Isabella Ricci, Nataley Yates.
Season outlook: This Falcons are working hard with Sirois and assistant coach Ciara Giroux on conditioning, building team spirit and unity. They are on a mission to produce the best version of themselves.

Coach: Danielle Tannenbaum (fourth year)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A North
Last year’s results: Fifth at KVACs, fifth at regionals, ninth at state championships.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Katie Conant, Janessa Whitney, Lexus Whitney, Abbigail Swett; Sophomores — Emma Turcotte, Anglee Brewer.
Key losses: Cowen Young, Hali Swiney.
Promising newcomers: Junior — Jenna Pond; Sophomore — Alexis Visuano; Freshmen — Alexis Wood, Avery Oliver, Naomi Lane.
Season outlook: The Cougars are in the process of rebuilding a strong program. Tannenbaum said the team is filled with passionate athletes willing to put in the necessary work. She added that the athletes are excited to be back out on the floor this season without masks — the first time since early 2020.

Coach: Louise Gauthier (14 years)
Conference: MVC; Class: C South
Returning athletes: Juniors — Jovanna McLaughlin, Eva Sallee; Sophomore — Kina McInnis.
Key loss: Elsbeth Bates.
Promising newcomers: Juniors — Logen St. Amand, Genevieve Junkins; Freshmen — Paige Stevens, Aileah Cote, Scarlett Fisher, Jordan Labbe, Kennedy Minic, Peyton Lizott, Lynzi Gallant.
Season outlook: The Raiders’ numbers have risen and Gauthier said they have established a strong work ethic through their dedication to cheering.

Coaches: Deborah Loveless (35 years), Jess Brooks (six years)
Conference: KVAC; Class: A North
Last year’s results: KVAC champions, third at regionals, fourth at state championships.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Abby Fickett, Lizzy Hallee, Sam Mills, Maddie Striegel; Junior — Adriana Mills; Sophomores — Natalie Gray, Brealynn Record.
Key loss: Jasmine Hayer.
Promising newcomers: Seniors — Lauren Frye, Kelsi LaPlante; Sophomore — Lauren Millett; Freshman — Jaidyn Daigle.
Season outlook: The Vikings are excited to see what what they can accomplish this season after winning the KVAC title last winter. The coaches say that with veterans returning and promising newcomers coming aboard, the Vikes want to deliver another successful year.

Coach: Tammy Swett (fifth year)
Conference: WMC; Class: B South
Last year’s results: First at WMCs.
Returning athletes: Senior — Ragyn Harvey; Juniors — Courtney Ames, Emma MacMahon, Marabella Coltart; Sophomores — Anna Shanning, Libby Strout.
Key losses: Lilly Coltart, Izzy Martin, Leanne Starr, Ally Scott.
Promising newcomers: Juniors — Ava Adams, Lily Vallee, Skylar Tufts, Camerin Richardson, Emma Martin, Cassidy Lessard; Sophomores — Lydia St. Cyr, Aiden Giroux, Isabella Cyr; Freshmen — Megan Webster, Madison Turck, Imani Downing, Kiyona Muncey.
Season outlook: The Knights are ready to promote school spirit and gear up for their competitions. Swett, who is joined this season by assistant Lilly Coltart, said the team has promising newcomers and is excited to see what this winter season holds.

Coach: Nicole Mason (fifth year)
Conference: MVC; Class: C South
Last year results: Sixth at regionals.
Returning athletes: Seniors — Lillian Minoty, Mady Nichols; Juniors — Katherine Dorey, Mia Henry; Sophomores — Lilly Fortier, Amaya McHugh, Devynn Gagnon.
Key loss: Haley Nichols.
Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Tyoaka, Hodgkin; Freshmen — Kordaja Manning, Santika Hodgkin, Kaylee Cole, Ally Farrington.
Season outlook: The Phoenix are young but have talent on their side. Mason said this team is adding a new look to Spruce Mountain cheering.

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