To the Editor:

I am voting against the recall of our school board members and I urge you to consider why, because I am not in favor of the gender policy as written.
The school board members elected by the town of Paris were doing the jobs that were assigned them. They are two very dedicated and hard-working school board members who I know personally care a great deal and have sacrificed much to volunteer for our district.
With that said, do I think the policy is ready to be implemented as written? No absolutely not!
I believe that we are missing some very important perspectives and discussions through the lenses of public health and special needs that haven’t not been discussed in the public forum, on social media in the press or otherwise.
With that said do I think the recall is correct? Absolutely not!
This is a time where we need to be talking more about these issues not less.  A recall vote will not ultimately get us out of doing the hard work, sitting around the table, meeting face to face, talking about the hard uncomfortable stuff, and getting to know all of the important issues at the heart of everyone who is concerned about this policy on both sides.
Gender identity policies are not going away with a recall vote. It is an issue that is being addressed by school boards across the nation. It is in our best interest to become well informed as a community and do the work that’s needed to move forward on this and other policies that provide district-wide protection for high risk populations in a way that works for all parties.
I cannot submit this letter without expressing my sincere disappointment in the media coverage on this policy debate being reduced to conservative versus liberal agenda. Shame on you! You are perpetuating the stoking of division and it’s simply not true! There are many of us who have concerns related to this policy that have no political affiliations or identity and who also do not agree with the recall.
In short, the gender policy is not ready for our community and the recall is not appropriate. What’s needed is more conversation, more work, more collaboration, more parent and student engagement.
We will never be able to vote away the work that we need to do to invest in our community.
I’m willing to be at the table, are you?
Aranka Matolcsy
Editor’s Note:  We would love to hear from those who disagree with the policy but have no agenda. We write what we do based on the information we are given.

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