Finally, here it is the end of another year. I wish I could say it was the best, but it was not.  On the other hand, it was not the worst either. I can sit here and honestly say I have made a difference in some folks lives this year. I won’t sit here and brag, but their lives for a time, had a bit of sunshine. I feel that is one of the most precious gifts we can give anyone we meet. It honestly does not take a lot of effort to spread a bit of sunshine. Life is much better when we can think of those that we helped smile just a bit. Sometimes it takes a small amount of sacrifice on our part, but we survived, and it really didn’t hurt. It is nice when we can sit here and know we made a difference. It may have been a small difference, but for that moment it was a huge difference. I would hope that everyone that reads these little stories can say the same and feel good about it. I once wrote a story about Yin and Yang. Think of a ball of energy inside of you. This energy floats and turns according to your moods and feelings. You have great moments and yes, some sad moments. These moments affect the totality of that ball of energy. For that brief time, it is your total life’s glow. When you meet another, you may even add to the totality of the two of you. On the other hand, you may detract. But let’s say they are right on the edge of good or bad. You have added to their good and so the cumulative total is one of goodness. This is one thing we never know how we help others. Just a smile, a pleasant hello or good morning, may have made a difference. What if you just joined a crowd and their ball of energy was on the balance point. Your addition just tipped it to the positive side. It is possible your negative energy also tipped it the other way. Many of us have been in a crowd and get that euphoric feeling of seeing a special someone. You can be that one person who lightens up a room. You could also be the one who brings doom and gloom. That choice is totally yours. As this year comes to an end, let’s be grateful we got to see the ending. We could only hope life around us is a bit less stressful due to our actions. We are a blessed and awesome community. I can only hope that this is carried on through other generations. We so desperately need to push the positive things in life. I would hope that all who read this makes the greatest effort in the New Year to be that positive force. Make the decision to bring smiles as you travel your life journey. Be strong, be brave, bring love, not hate.    Ken White

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