Happy Anniversary to Kelly and Brad Stokes of Oquossoc Grocery!

Said Kelly “Another year and another “best year yet!” Thank you to our customers who show continued local support every day – thank you to our local rental, real estate, hotels, and promotional companies that continue to help promote our beautiful area, thank you to all non-profits for supporting our community and guests with an abundance of community support and entertainment, thank you to Saddleback and RLSC for keeping our Winters alive, thank you to all food service businesses in town for working together to survive ~~ and most of all …. THANK YOU to my staff ~ you are the heart of The OG ~ I go to work smiling every day because of you!! Your hard work and dedication is unmatched and I can’t thank you enough (20 years ago Brad and I were 25yrs old, not quite married, just moved home with no kids. Today we’ve been married almost 20yrs, Brad has been working insurance for 15yrs and been the owner for 3yrs, and we have two beautiful girls Amelia, a Senior, and Natalie, a sophomore ~ life is good!) Here’s to year 21!”

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