Dec. 31 YMCA of Auburn-Lewiston Biddy Basketball results.

Junior Division

Androscoggin Bank 41, F6 Detailing & Auto Service 26: Dominic Langelier led the Androscoggin Bank with 14 points, followed by Landon Farrell with 12 points and Noah Lizotte with 11 points. Cole Fofie and Ethan Small each had two points Peyton Fournier paced F6 Detailing & Auto Service 26 with 12 points while Bronson Richardson had six points. Kaida Gatcomb chipped in with four points while Owen Carmichael and Joaquin Pastrana-Close had two points apiece.

Northstar Mortgage 37, Electric Beach 35:Nolan Smith had a game-high 22 points for Northern Mortgage followed by Maximus Fontaine with 13 points and Carter Gagnon with two points. Sage Yarnevich and Brendan Zinninger led Electric Beach with eight points apiece. Sienna Cifelli chipped in six points, Jonah Bellavance with five points, and Jaymien Palmer with four points. Joey Moya and Alexander Henderson had two points apiece.

Leary & DeTroy 61, DuBois Realty 34: Leary & DeTroy: Terrell Rias led all scorers with 34 points for Leary & DeTroy, followed by Ian Rausch with 16 points. Carter Belanger had seven points, Peyton Belknap and Michael Ouellette two points apiece. Benjamin Laprell led DuBois Realty with 12 points, followed by Lucas Fowler with 10 points, Hayden Avery with eight points, and Jaxon Daigle with four points.

Rick’s Swimming Pools 29, Elscott Manufacturing 26: Damian Barajas paced Rick’s Swimming Pools with 14 points apiece, Mia Beaudoin with seven points. Jasmine Thompson with four points. Adam Landry and Ben Berry had two points apiece. Jacob Seger led Elscott Manufacturing with 10 points, followed by Tallen Berry-Hart with nine points. Joshua Hawkins chipped in with four points, Ryder Danforth with two points, and Katelyn Brown with one point.


Pee Wee Division

Roopers 25, Pine State Pest Solutions 16: Roopers: Richard Pomerleau led a balanced attack with nine points for Roopers, followed by Cameron White with five points. Leighton Blackman, Aurora Wolfe, and Daunte Clark with two points apiece, and Jackson Ford with one point. Ethan Bolduc led the Pine State Pest Solutions with 13 points, while Everett Wieland finished with two points and Mark Rausch with one point.

Hahnel Brothers 23, Emerson Toyota 21: Hahnel Brothers: Elijah Cyr led Hahnel Brothers with 16 points. Grayson Carver had six points and Brenna MacDonald with one point. Dominic Gagne led Emerson Toyota with 17 points, followed by Kai DeSilva and Xavior Freeman with two points apiece.

Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli 28, Bangor Savings 28: Heidi’s: Donovan Burnham led Brooklyn Deli with 14 points, followed by Brysen Pobe-Bourgette with eight points. Clayton Burgess IV had four points and Cooper Lajoie with two points. Kairon Williams paced Bangor Savings with 12 points. Abel Ayer, Ryker Adams, and Patrick Sullivan all had four points apiece. Madeline Blais and Brayden Gaudette with two points apiece.

Rookie Division

Auburn Family Dental 26, Gee & Bee Sporting Goods 20: Penn Chase led Auburn Family Dental with 17 points, followed by Brooklyn Barnes with three points. Blake Murphy, Weston Bryant, and Ashton Lajoie had two points apiece as well. Caleb Sardella and Pearson Hird paced Gee & Bee with eight points apiece, followed by Amaiylah Adams with four points.

Austin Associates 31, Bangor Savings 26: Chase Collins led Austin Associates’ balanced attack with 11 points, followed by Given Mpoyi with 10 points. Guelphi Mpoyi had six points and Madden Corson with four points. Easton Carver paced the Bangor Savings with six points. Sawyer Hinkley, Kinsley Fegan, Lincoln Wallingford, and Jace Johns had four points apiece. Leni Belanger chipped in with three points and Annalise Bogue-Golden with one point.

Emerson Chevrolet 52, BGA Financial 30: Emerson Chevrolet: Luke Farrell had a game-high 16 points for Emerson Chevrolet followed by Ethan Gagnon with 14 points. Daxton Ladd chipped in with eight points, Sophia Tahlil with six points, and Parker Colby with four points. Cannon Roy, and Chelsea Higgins each had two points apiece. Malikye Harrison led BGA Financial with 14 points, followed by Corbin Coburn with 12 points. Dawson Blair and Alivia Hendricks each had two points apiece.

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