The general rule of thumb in politics is that the Democrats like to spend, spend, spend. While the Republicans like to cut, cut, cut.

From Maine’s perspective on the national scene, is that true? Last week, President Biden’s $1.7 trillion “Inflation Reduction Act” passed with the support of all four of our elected officials in Congress. There were earmarks for Maine in the bill (often referred to as “pork-barrel politics”).

The two most conservative officials, Sen. Susan Collins and Rep. Jared Golden, proposed earmarks that were more than the earmarks of the so-called two liberal ones, Sen. Angus King and Rep. Chellie Pingree.


So fast forward to this week. The House finally elected a speaker, and the very first thing the Tea Party Republicans pass is a bill to repeal part of Biden’s bill (House Resolution 23). Do people remember the Tea Party, now referred to as the Freedom Caucus, the ones that will save taxpayers mucho dollars? This bill they passed will actually cost the taxpayers $114 billion more than the one signed by President Biden.

And get this: it’s an anti-law bill. Does anyone remember when the Republicans used to be for law and order?

The next time people vote, they should do the research and find out who is really for democracy and the American people.

I am a moderate conservative, registered as a Republican. Until this party denounces the anti-democracy of the Tea Party and of MAGA followers, I won’t be voting for another Republican candidate.

Christopher Decker, Turner

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