PARIS — A judge set bail Wednesday at $1,000 cash for a Greenwood man accused of assaulting three sheriff’s deputies last week.

Chance M. Bellanceau submitted photo

Chance M. Bellanceau, 29, appeared in Oxford County Superior Court via videoconference from Oxford County Jail for a second consecutive day after a Tuesday hearing was cut short over mental health concerns.

On Wednesday, Justice Julia Lipez set Bellanceau’s bail with conditions that he not have any alcohol, illegal drugs, or dangerous weapons, including firearms, for which he may be searched if suspected of having any of them.

Defense attorney Jeffrey Wilson, who represented Bellanceau on Wednesday, urged Lipez to release Bellanceau from jail on his own recognizance because he has no money to post cash bail.

Wilson said Bellanceau is seeking to transfer to a mental health hospital.

He is “going to be working with caseworkers at Tri County Mental Health and the jail staff to try and be admitted into some sort of inpatient bed, whether it be crisis, the emergency room, St. Mary’s (Regional Medical Center in Lewiston, Riverview (Psychiatric Center in Augusta) or some other appropriate facility for his mental health,” Wilson said.


But because beds at those facilities are “scant,” Wilson said Bellanceau was seeking to be freed until a bed were to become available, at which time he would admit himself.

In the meantime, Bellanceau said he would seek housing at a shelter.

Wilson said setting bail at $1,000 for Bellanceau is equivalent to a hold without bail because he would have no ability to post that much money.

An attorney was appointed earlier by the court to represent Bellanceau, who is indigent.

That attorney, Justin Leary, may file a motion to have Bellanceau transferred to a bed at a mental health hospital when one becomes available, Lipez said.

Assistant District Attorney Richard Beauchesne told the judge that Bellanceau has a prior conviction for assault on a police officer and was on bail for assaulting an officer when he was arrested last week after allegedly assaulting three Oxford County Sheriff’s deputies.


“Given the nature of these charges here, even layered with the mental health concerns, the state feels that it would be inappropriate and reckless if he were released on bail,” Beauchesne said.

Beauchesne said he believed Bellanceau would continue to be a danger to himself and others if he were released into the community.

Lipez said Bellanceau’s $500 bail he posted in December on an earlier assault charge didn’t prevent him from engaging in similar conduct last week and she set his bail at $1,000 cash.

If Bellanceau were to post bail, he would be barred from going to 339 West Bethel Road in Bethel, the home to which deputies were called Thursday night by that home’s resident, with whom Bellanceau may not have contact.

Deputies were summoned to the home where Bellanceau was reported as a trespasser.

When an officer attempted to remove Bellanceau from the home, he reportedly resisted, assaulting that officer and throwing a circular saw blade at him, among other items.


The blade struck the officer’s gun and broke the attached light, according to an affidavit.

Two other deputies who arrived at the scene to assist were reportedly assaulted as well.

They used Tasers to subdue Bellanceau and eventually handcuffed him before carrying him off on a stretcher to a Norway hospital.

Bellanceau had slipped and fallen head-first on a window in the mudroom of the home during an earlier struggle with one of the officers, according to the affidavit.

He is charged with one felony, reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon, a crime punishable by up to five years in prison. He also is charged with four misdemeanors.

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