Lewiston Evening Journal for Jan. 19, 2023

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100 Years Ago: 1923

Never was snowshoeing so popular as it has been this winter. You catch the spirit of it right in the hearts of the city, at least Sunday mornings, for outgoing cars swarm with bright-eyed men and women in snow-shoeing regalia. Take a five-minute tramp into the country, get a luncheon of hot dogs cooked above a fire made from fallen branches, and you have come pretty near experiencing the supreme joy of being alive.

50 Years Ago: 1973

Mrs. Edward Lane, of Lewiston, an active member of the Lewiston Auburn Little Theater, spent part of an afternoon at Washburn School, Auburn recently with Mrs. Worthing’s third grade. The guest gave a presentation regarding the use of theatrical make up – how it is used and what it can do for actors, the use of props and staging, pantomime and body movement, after which the class divided into groups to originate their own skits and acted them for the rest of the class.

Mrs. Laine is also a participant with the PCAC Parents Creative Arts Committee. a group community resource People working with the Auburn School System.


25 Years Ago: 1998

Signs started sprouting like spring dandelions in areas where most power outages were still concentrated Sunday.

In western Maine, a sign on a lawn thanked Central Maine Power Co. crews for their efforts. But it also issued a polite reminder that the home had no power and asked for service “when you have a chance,” Bridgton police Chief Robert Bell said Sunday.

In Augusta, another area still struggling with numerous outages, a sign outside an apartment building offered free coffee and doughnuts in exchange for power. Signs directed at utilities have also appeared in the Lewiston area, said police Officer Timothy Darnell.

The protracted outages are blamed for a few episodes of domestic disturbances, said Bell. Five burglaries in vacated homes in the southern Maine town are blamed on the storm’s effects, the chief said, but “I’ve seen 99-point-nine percent positive reactions,” such as people waving to passing utility crews, said Bell.

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