As Mainers debated the pros and cons of the New England Clean Energy Connect last year, it was telling that opponents of the corridor refused to reveal themselves until they were forced to by law.

The truth finally came out that virtually all of the opposition to the project was funded by fossil fuel companies, specifically Vistra, NextEra and Calpine.

Surprising? No.

Clearly, these companies were not concerned about the Maine woods, but their message understandably grabbed the attention of Mainers. Their motivation was to protect their interests and profits.

Now, electricity rates are skyrocketing, and it is critical that we reduce high electricity bills for businesses and for the average Mainer trying to manage a budget. Increasing our energy supply will obviously lower costs.

How will we lower our energy bills if we do not start the process of bringing in more renewable energy options? Hydropower is renewable, affordable, clean and reliable. Maine has long known this and embraced hydropower. It does not depend on cloudless days or a steady breeze.


The NECEC would bring more than 1,200 megawatts of clean energy to New England. This project would help us both economically and environmentally, reducing energy costs and making our air healthier by eliminating millions of tons of carbon currently released into the atmosphere.

I hope our courts will see that the referendum, which was drafted by these fossil fuel companies, was unfair and unwise.

Let’s build the corridor. We need it now more than ever.

Joanna Said, Livermore

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