Lewiston Daily Sun for Jan. 20, 1948

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100 Years Ago: 1923

An invitation to the “Y” Girls to a tobogganing party on Monday night has been received from Miss Ruth Healy. Any girl wishing to go is asked to leave her name at the Blue Triangle before Monday noon. The girls will meet at 7 o’clock at the Blue Triangle

50 Years Ago: 1973

Richard Nixon renewed his presidential oath today amid celebration, protest and intensive quest to begin “a peace which can endure for generations to come.”

The President’s “four more years,” fashioned in a nation-wide outpouring of votes, began with his hand placed on the “Swords into plowshares” passage in his family Bibles as he recited the 35-word pledge prescribed by the Constitution.


“We stand on the threshold of a new era of peace in the world,” the President declared, as if taking a cue from Isaiah. “The central question before us is how we shall use that peace.”

At no time in his second inaugural address did Nixon mention directly the Vietnam war that has bedeviled his presidency, as it did his predecessors, as America’s longest and most difficult war comes to an end.

“The peace we seek in the world is not the flimsy peace which is merely an interlude between wars,” the President said, “but a peace which can endure for generations to come.”

25 Years Ago: 1998

For the first time since the state was ravaged by an ice storm two weeks ago. Central Maine Power Company officials are suggesting that repairs may be nearing completion.

“We have been able to clear three districts and are sending additional crews into the hardest hit areas to speed the restoration effort there. Central Maine Power Co official Mark Ishkanian said Monday night.

The majority of customers still with-out power should be back online in the next few days but completing this effort may take all of this week.

By Monday night, less than 20,000 CMP customers were still without power. More than a quarter million and businesses have had electricity restored since the peak outages on Jan. 9. At the worst of the crisis, 275,000 CMP customers, translating to over a half million people, were living without electricity.

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