I have a comment about the development of John Gendron’s project near Lake Auburn.

I have been in the contracting business al my adult career. When I started, I used to buy cement products from G.A. Peterson. He dug the gravel from a pit near there, and later it became a landfill area for the city of Auburn. One can see the pipes sticking out from the ground now.

What is that doing to the ground watershed? The two ballparks across the street were other landfill areas.

What Mr. Gendron is trying to do is a respectable project. His septic system is going to have to be approved by the city, like I had to do as a contractor when I was building around ponds and lakes.

The area that he is developing has the best gravel and material one could ask for to build the septic system. Plus it is ample distance from the lake.

Everything he does is first class, so he should be given the okay on the project.

Carroll Akers, Poland

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