For justice, let’s ask U.S. legislators to be good stewards of taxation.

I’ve been reading about what Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell calls “the Orwellian name of ‘Family And Small Business Tax Payer Protection Act.’” (“First order of business for the GOP House? Defunding the (tax) police,” Sun Journal, Jan. 11).

Apparently the labyrinth of loopholes in taxes for the wealthy and their corporations make it difficult for the Internal Revenue Service to obtain the taxes we need to keep this nation solvent and in good housing, infrastructure, medical and educational condition. But due to simplicity, middle and lower income people are the ones held accountable, instead of those who — justly — should pay their fair share.

Wouldn’t an across-the-board percentage tax make things simpler? With lower incomes being taxed at an across-the-board lower percentage rate?

Susan Dorman, Bethel

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