Homeowners in Paris, Oxford, and Norway can apply to the Community Weatherization Program organized by CEBE, Center for an Ecology-Based Economy, based in Norway.

Eligible applicants will receive an energy assessment of their home, before and after the upgrades, free of charge. Each applicant will also participate in a one-hour Weatherization Basics workshop to be held at CEBE, in partnership with We Built This, the morning of their home weatherization, according to a news release from Seal Rossignol, education and programming director at the center.

These workshops will be held one Saturday per month from March to July. This is a pay-it-forward model so applicants are asked to volunteer making the basic weatherization upgrades in at least one other participant’s home.

This program is free of charge, though there is a $50 “hold-my-place” fee that is refunded after the applicant has completed their volunteer time.

Eligible applicants fit one or more of the following criteria: have a home and property tax value of less than $90,000, receive LIHEAP (low-income heat and energy assistance program), MaineCare, or SNAP benefits. Printed applications can be picked up at CEBE’s office at 447 Main St. in Norway, or filled out at ecologybasedeconomy.org.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, with deadlines a minimum of two weeks before each workshop weatherization date. Dates for 2023 are March 11, April 29, May 20, June 24 and July 15.

For more information, call or email Rossignol at 207-739-2101 or [email protected].



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