LIVERMORE — Selectpersons on Tuesday night discussed an appeal on plowing a section Wyman Road made by Ron Guay, an attorney representing Chris and Addie McHugh who live on the road.

The meeting will be held at 5:15 p.m. Wednesday in the second floor conference room of the Androscoggin County building at 2 Turner St. in Auburn.

The petition appealing the board’s decision asks Livermore officials to continue to maintain the road and comply with the law by taking necessary steps, if the road is to be discontinued, according to a Jan. 25 letter Androscoggin County commissioners sent to Livermore selectpersons.

“They are fighting that we are only doing our portion,” Selectperson Scott Richmond said. “They want us to do as we had done in the past, do all the way. Our attorney advised us to go and represent ourselves.”

“They are saying we are discontinuing the road through abandonment for winter maintenance,” Selectperson Brett Deyling said. “I would just say that we have a tax map that shows the road being 135 feet long. It’s very clear that we are in fact maintaining our portion of Wyman Road. Not leaving a bank at the end of that portion and allowing the landowner access to his property, his driveway. He can plow his driveway just like everybody else in town.”

In Sept. 2020 selectpersons took no action on closing a section of Wyman Road to winter maintenance, after Chris McHugh and his attorney questioned the legality of doing so.

In October, selectpersons voted to continue the process of closing Wyman Road to winter maintenance and snowblow their section this winter.

At first, no bids were received to snowblow the road in October. Later that month Jamie Roy of Livermore bid $5,000 to clear the dead-end road for each of the next two years and was awarded the contract.

Richmond said they would report back at the next meeting.

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