Lewiston Evening Journal for Jan. 31, 1968

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100 Years Ago: 1923

A number of the main office force at the B. Peck Co., enjoyed a snowshoe hike to Stevens Mill Tuesday evening. An elaborate luncheon awaited the party upon their arrival at the home of Mrs. Evelyn Bilodeau. A further hike followed this and later in the evening the girls returned and an oyster stew topped off an unusually pleasant affair. In the party were: Miss Florence MacAusland, Lillia Franks, Cassie Johnson, Glady Parker, Beatrice Simoneau, Alberta Allen, Helen MacFriend, Madeline Fletcher, Dora Kushelevitz and Grace Ferris.

50 Years Ago: 1973

A proposal that the new Androscoggin River Bridge between Lewiston and Auburn officially be named “Vietnam Veterans’ Bridge” has the approval of the commanders of both American Legion posts in the Twin Cities, and one of them is going to urge that the Maine Department of  the American Legion endorse the proposal.

Since Monday when the idea to name the bridge after the 25 Lewiston-Auburn residents who gave their lives in the Vietnam conflict was unveiled by Auburn Senator Richard B. Olfene, it has gained support.  And, according to some reports, the Lewiston City Council is going to pass a resolution in favor of naming the bridge thusly, during an upcoming meeting.


The Republican state senator would have the bridge which crosses the river, at Boxer Island called “Veterans’ Memorial Bridge” and a plaque bearing the name of reported 25 L-A Vietnam war casualties would be placed in an appropriate spot on the bridge.

25 Years Ago: 1998

Remember the ice age? Local restaurant owner Mary King does. She remembers the 24-hour days preparing breakfasts, stews and chowders for tired lineworkers, tree cutters, electricians and local police during the ice storm. Now the Maine Legislature has remembered her, too.

The members of the Senate and House of Representatives recognized King for her “tremendous service to her community during the devastating Ice Storm of 1998.”

They presented her with a certificate embossed with the state seal, signed by the president and secretary of the Senate, along with Elizabeth Mitchell, speaker of the House, and Joseph W. Mayo, clerk of the House. The honor was introduced by Rep. Paul G. Waterhouse of Bridgton and co-sponsored by Sen. Richard A. Bennett of Oxford.

When Waterhouse delivered it to the restaurant, naturally, he read it aloud to King and applauding patrons at Mary’s Place.

“I choked up,” she said, then went back to cooking.

King, 53, downplays her efforts in staying open 24 hours a day for 18 days. Usually she is open for the breakfast and lunch crowd from 6am to 3 pm. Beginning Thursday, Jan 8, she kept her 40 seat restaurant open round-the-clock and kept doing it until Monday. Jan. 26.

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