BETHEL — Telstar High School has announced the following students were named to its first semester honor roll and dean’s list for the 2022-23 academic year.

High Honors

Class of 2023: Payton Berry, Janna Botka, Shye Buck, Brady Cowett, Shaun Cowett, Emily Cummings, Keaton Cummings-Chapman, Codi Duclos, Colby Hastings and Violet Howe.

Also, Amelia Johanson, Erik Lauria, Ryan Nivus, Cassandra Sylvester, Lacey Tilsley, Colby Tyler and Allen White.

Class of 2024: Sarah Chase, Makenzie Eliot, Madison Gingras, Caleb Howe, Rebeka Palmer and Scarlett Quick.

Class of 2025: Ella Akers, Rylee Cooper, Kayan DeGruttola, Kylie Friel, Ella Hopps, Brody Morgan, Emma Newell, Jocelyn Nivus, Lily Souther, Gabrielle Thompson, Timothy Wakefield and Wylie Williamson.

Class of 2026: Hannah Bailey, Reginald Billings, Gideon Bonsant, Vivienne Charette, Jonathan Marshall, Michaela Mowery and Dylan Van Buren.


Dean’s List

Class of 2023: Dakota Hart, Jakob Hooper, Felicity Indermuehle and Cameron Palmer.

Class of 2024: Ezriah Honesto.

Class of 2025: Isabella Brown, Katherine Devaney, Alice Ford, Grady Kellogg, Elliot Norton, Thomas Skinner, Brody Walker and Hunter Winslow.

Class of 2026: Clark Colby, Evalyn Cummings, Matthew Doucette, Hunter Koskela, Thomas LaPointe, Joseph Lauria, Taejyah Lego, Cyrus Mills, Halea Monelt and Alyssa Norton.

Also, Evan Parsons, Melina Patten, Adam Stephenson, Blakley Strength, Camden Watrous and Jake Zolad.



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