The Rangeley Lakes Regional School’s Kindergarten through 5th grade got onto the ice with the Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust the first week of February as part of their annual WinterKids competition. Lindsay Richards, the RLRS Physical Education teacher, thought outside the box by partnering with RLHT to get over 80 kids on the ice.

Jason Latham setting traps

RLHT staff Amanda Laliberte, Jason Latham, and Patrick Sullivan were on hand to share their knowledge and skills. Two Maine Game Wardens, Maddie Killian and Dan Christianson, were also in attendance, answering questions and lending students a hand.

A few students in from the cold taking advantage of the warming shelter.

“Students watched an auger demonstration, learned how to set traps, types of bait, what clothing to wear, and even how to handle a fish,” said Laliberte, “There weren’t many flags, but students were able to see the catch and release of a Yellow Perch.”

This QR code brings up the YouTube video created by RLRS to recall the day.

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