To the Editor:

Climate change is a huge thing in the world today and ill tell you why. Climate change effects many different animals, and people around the world. Climate change truly does a huge number on our world, the world we endlessly call our “precious home”. If our world was so precious to us all we would do more to protect our earth and do more to fix what’s being broken.

Climate change brings more world issues into place than you would think about. There’s one thing climate change affects for sure, living organisms. Take animals for example, everyday their habitats are forced to change, the arctic is melting, that does a number on polar bears because they need that to survive. The change in climates, the warm and cold, it effects how animals can function daily, snakes can’t survive in the cold, but due to climate change every day their homes are changing, which ends up in death.

A big part of climate change is what it does to food for humans. Climate change harms food protection and human health, it changes harvest, which effects money intake for farmers and crops for buying, selling, or trade. Agriculture, cows, pigs, wheat, vegetables, all those things come from farms or garden. Its hard to keep raising things and growing crops to feed people when there’s not enough to make food for them.

Since 1979 the area covered by sea ice in the arctic at the end of summer has shrunk by about 40%. The homes of every single animals are harmed more and more everyday. Take the arctic for example, ice is melting, and the cold air is getting warmer, for humans that would be okay but for many arctic animals, their food sources, homes, repopulation, that all has to come into play somewhere.

Many animals around the world are going extinct due to climate change. Everyday new animals become extinct and endangered, due to this we wont have enough animals in the world, which is a huge issue. Animals are a main food source for humans and other animals. These things are happening because of climate change, because of gases in the atmosphere, trash, oil spills. Everything takes a toll on the world.

Climate change is serious, its effecting every living and nonliving thing around the world. If we don’t do something about these things soon who knows how fast that snow will melt in the arctic, who knows how much food well have left, how much clean air to breathe, how many farms will still be running, how many animals will be extinct in 20 years or so. What you do, where you just throw your trash, put random things you don’t want or need, it effects everything, and will soon effect you too.

Madison Goodwin


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