FARMINGTON —The University of Maine at Farmington proudly announces its Dean’s List for the Fall 2022 semester. UMF maintains a Dean’s List each semester for those students completing a minimum of 12 credits in courses producing quality points. Students whose grade point average for the semester is equal to or greater than 3.8 are listed with High Honors. Students whose grade point average for the semester is less than 3.8 but equal to or greater than 3.5 are listed with Honors. Any incompletes must be satisfactorily completed before the student is honored with Dean’s List status. Academic achievement awarded at commencement is based on all course work taken at UMF.Carrabassett Valley: Bonnie Walston, High Honors.

Farmington: Abbey Aho, High Honors; Theodora Bailey, High Honors; Lexi Barber, High Honors; Sidney Belanger, Honors; Bryn Bernier, High Honors; Tracy Bunting, High Honors; Joseph Campbell, High Honors; Lillie Clark, Honors; Nitacia Davis, Honors; Megan Dionne, Honors; Alannah Enzor, Honors; Joy Evans, High Honors; Gabriel Glidden, High Honors; Sadie Gray, High Honors; Julia Halley, Honors; Jacqui Hamilton, High Honors; Emily Hargreaves, High Honors; Vickie Harnden, Honors; Sylvie Haslam, High Honors; Val Hinkley, High Honors; Hailey Kaminsky, High Honors; Autumn Koors Foltz, Honors; Katelyn Long, High Honors; Christina Lougee, High Honors; Nicole Lund, Honors; Eleanor Lunt, High Honors; Mackenzie MacDonald, Honors; Aj Marchetti, Honors; Grace Martin, High Honors; Chris McConnell, Honors; D’Nell McDonald, Honors; Zack Morrell, High Honors; Tyler Morris, High Honors; Jacob Mouser, High Honors; Aidan Mulrooney, High Honors; Ally Phair, Honors; Nathan Poulin, High Honors; Emalyn Remington, Honors; Kiely Reynolds, Honors; Lilly Richards, Honors; Ana Rogers, High Honors; Christopher Shaw, Honors.

Industry: Marleigh Gaboury, Honors; Avery Whitney, High Honors.

Kingfield: Geraldine Doble, High Honors.

New Sharon: Aidan Finnegan, High Honors; Ashley Parlin, Honors; Shay Trask, High Honors.


Phillips: Bailey Randle, High Honors.

Rangeley: Miranda Shelley, High Honors.

Strong: Alana Mahar, High Honors; Austin Marden, Honors.

Temple: Horisun Antunee, High Honors; Erin Ladd, Honors; Mia Michaud, Honors;

Wilton: George Edmunds, High Honors; Jackson Eustis, High Honors; Henry Hilton, Honors; Jessie Jansky, High Honors; Shaylynn Koban, High Honors; Michelle Ladd, High Honors; Megan O’Donnell, High Honors; Hailey Rose, High Honors.

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