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I am ever so grateful that spring is becoming palpable. The air feels warmer most days, and the sun shines more incredible warmth on our home. Every day it is not cloudy; I put my herbal seedlings in the direct sunshine. They are doing so well! I’m especially pleased because I bought a Magic Mill dehydrator. I ordered the one with 11 stainless steel trays. I’ve wanted one for a long time. Now that fresh or dried herbs are ridiculously expensive in the grocery store, and the dehydrator was on sale, I felt it was time. My son is excited about the prospect of making fresh jerky. Anyway, I’ll update that story as it progresses through the seasons.

Listening to the cardinals and their “twitter-pated” callings, my excitement about spring returning is boosted. I’ve recently noted that the feathers of the male crows are taking on a more brilliant blue sheen as they, too, are courting love and springtime. The red-wing blackbirds are arriving. I have yet to hear their shrill springtime mating call, but I”m sure they are not far behind.

This week wasn’t a lot better than last week regarding challenges. The official closing of the Pixelle Specialty paper mill in Jay, Maine, weighs heavy on my heart. Lives will change as people move to other locations, retire, or pause to adjust and re-evaluate. I see it as a reflection of worldwide changes, so when challenges are specific, my attitude matters. Usually, it’s a pretty peaceful attitude, but like everyone else, I get tired.

Also, I decided to take a 7-week Shamanic energy healing course beginning next week. I started exploring Shamanism ten years ago as it relates to healthy living. Ironically, I was hit with a health crisis and put the idea on hold. However, my heart tells me it’s time to return to my learning.

Years ago, I told a friend about what I had learned so far, and she asked, “isn’t that some kind of demonic religion”? No, it is not. Instead, Shamanism is a spiritual practice where science and ancient wisdom teaches us about our unity with nature. Indeed, it was through my study of neuroscience that I became interested in Shamanism.

I enjoy exploring various spiritual practices and am fascinated by the apparent coincidences each has with the other. Coincidence? Or a way that by sharing what we have learned, we can bring our knowledge together to benefit everyone. We can heal our bodies and souls by learning these lessons. This idea ties to the dream I referenced several weeks ago about religions opening their doors to each other.

There is so much we don’t know but can learn that will raise our consciousness and help us create a better world centered on peace, not just as one human interacts with another, but with all of our interactions, especially with nature. But peace begins with finding peace within. I look forward to exploring and learning about the healing power of nature and how this understanding relates to peace.

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