Saturday, March 11 YMCA of Auburn-Lewiston Hoopsters results.

Bangor Savings 27, Norway Savings Bank 26: Bangor Savings’ Brody Burgess and Evelyn Janelle led the team with eight points apiece, followed by Milo Hinkley with six points, Autumn Brown with four points, and Clark Burgess with one point. Corbin Coburn had a game-high 16 points for Norway Savings Bank followed by Sullivan Burnham and Darius Faloon with four points apiece, and Gavin Mooney had a bucket.

The Dance Center 26, Hahnel Brothers 26: The Dance Center’s Amaiylah Adams led the team with 10 points, followed by Cannon Roy with eight points. Easton Boies had four points while Zyanah Kelly and Wallace Richardson each had two points. Grayson Boulay Hahnel Brothers (12) points, followed by Jackson Theriault with (10) points, and Sierra Henderson with four points.

Roopers 24, BGA Financial 12: Rhett Chase paced Roopers with eight points, followed by Jonas Clifford and Ashton Lajoie with six points apiece while Brayden Danforth and Huckston Greene had two points apiece. BGA Financial’s Brennan Crowley led the team with six points, followed by Leni Belanger with four points, and Senay Nizza with two points.

Emerson Chevrolet 36, Hird Contracting 28: Emerson Chevrolet’s Brayden Emmons had 16 points, followed by Issac Sullivan with 14 points while Alice Lamp, Amos Varney, and Jaela Whirley all had two points. Hird Contracting’s Pearson Hird led the team with 16 points, Jaxx Daigneault chipped in with eight points, and Briar Flynn had four points.

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