I’ve been following this “name change” regarding the Franco Center, and honestly, the name is not changing.

The sign still reflects the “Dolard and Priscilla Gendron Franco Center.” The Riverfront Performing Arts and Events phrase has simply been added to the name to attract more people to the center.

I am local and never realized how many shows and events take place there, because I assumed it was mostly geared to the French community only. Since all the news stories about the so-called name change started, I actually looked into what this center has to offer. It has comedians, music (even tribute bands) and many other awesome shows many people never knew existed.

It also took a beautiful church, restoring it to its glory after it was crumbling and vacant for many years. It honors the heritage of the community beautifully, and all this nonsense about the word Riverfront is absurd. If it were any closer to the river, it would have a moat.

Lewiston’s people have much more to worry about, like the drug problem, lack of businesses coming into their town, and the way the current city administration treats businesses already located there. Ask the owners of Cow Bell, before the door hits them on their way out of Lewiston.

One last suggestion. If there is all this concern about a name, why don’t these complainers pool money together, cross the bridge to Auburn, buy the old St. Louis church and restore it with a name they approve of?

Gail Shelley, Auburn

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