Jane Woodman, at left reacts Thursday afternoon, March 16, during the dedication of the 2022 Farmington Town Report to her. Also seen in the upstairs conference room at the Municipal Building is Planning Assistant Cindy Gelinas. Pam Harnden/Livermore Falls Advertiser

FARMINGTON — Jane Woodman was totally surprised when she was told the 2022 Farmington Town Report was dedicated to her Thursday afternoon, March 16.

Woodman was met moments earlier by Planning Assistant Cindy Gelinas in the main lobby. The door to the conference room was closed and when she saw Gelinas move to open it, questioned if it was OK to do so. Woodman still was not suspecting anything when she walked into the room.

Woodman became emotional when greeted by town officials, family, friends and community members there to celebrate the report’s being dedicated to her. Tears filled her eyes, then her face expressed wonder when she saw her son’s fiancée and grandson seated on the side of the room.

“I am totally shocked,” Woodman, who had returned from skiing that morning, said.  She stood next to Selectmen Matthew Smith and Stephan Bunker while Smith read the dedication.

Seen from left Thursday afternoon, March 16, are Jane Woodman, Selectmen Matthew and Stephan Bunker, Planning Assistant Cindy Gelinas and Town Report Committee member Linda Smith at the Farmington Municipal Building. Woodman was surprised to learn the 2022 Town Report is dedicated to her. Pam Harnden/Livermore Falls Advertiser

“A true Farmington daughter, Jane Woodman was born and raised here and grew up loving her community. She has been described as being the “image of community generosity.”,” the dedication began.

Jane Woodman holds grandson, Max Woodman Thursday afternoon, March 16, during the surprise announcement of the 2022 Town Report Dedication in Farmington. She had no clue the report is dedicated to her. Pam Harnden/Livermore Falls Advertiser

It continues in part, “A graduate of Mt. Blue High School and Thomas College, Woodman took over as the business manager for the Farmington Water Department/Village Corporation in 1982 until her retirement in 2016. Jane enjoyed giving talks and tours to children about the operation and the need to protect the town’s water quality and woodlands. She served on the Farmington Zoning Board and is a member of the Conservation Commission.”


Past treasurer of the Farmington Historical Society [FHS], she is currently president, has been instrumental in writing grants and remains active in FHS events, the dedication notes. Jane is treasurer for the Bonney Woods Corporation [BWC], which includes Bonney Woods, Flint Woods, Horn Woods, and Village Woods. As one member said, “Her involvement has added value to whatever project the organization is working on.” it states, then adds her love of trees extends to her own property.

Jane learned to ski, later competed during her school years and has taught countless children to ski, the dedication indicated.

It goes on, a favorite activity is storytelling with Jane participating in Western Maine Storytelling and its many programs. The dedication ends with, “One fellow member praised her as “an asset to the community” and an “exemplary citizen of our town.”

“You have done a lot,” Smith stated.

“I’m not done yet,” Woodman replied.

“You mean a lot to our town,” Mavis Gensel said.

“The community owes you a round of thanks,” Bunker noted.

“Betty Jespersen wrote most of the dedication,” Linda Smith, a member of the Town Report Committee, said before Woodman’s arrival. “I am the only member of the committee who could be here today. It is hard to come up with someone. I am pleased with this one.”

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