Lucas Towers at left and Principal Thomas Plourde stand in front of the school logo on Friday, March 24, at Spruce Mountain High School in Jay. Towers is this year’s recipient for the Principal’s Award, as Plourde refers to him as an “outstanding young man.” Brian Ponce/Franklin Journal

JAY — Spruce Mountain High School senior Lucas Towers has been selected to receive the 2023 Principal’s Award. The honor, which is sponsored by the Maine Principals Association, was announced on Wednesday, March 15, and is given to a high school senior based on academic achievement and citizenship.

“I feel honored,” Towers said in an interview on Friday, March 24. “I mean, [Principal Thomas Plourde] called me into his office, and I was pretty surprised. I wasn’t really expecting it.”

In his press release, Plourde stated that throughout his years at Spruce Mountain, Towers distinguished himself in the classroom, athletics, volunteering and being an active member in his community. He referred to Towers as an “outstanding young man that loves his community and has made a positive impact through volunteerism.”

Towers is busy, stretching his time between basketball, soccer, baseball and an honor roll student in AP classes with a 4.0 GPA. On top of that, he has spearheaded community projects, such as rebuilding the raised garden beds behind Spruce Mountain Middle School with the National Honor Society.

“He’s one of those guys that you just can always depend on,” Plourde said in an interview. “Super kind and treats people with respect. He has a really an outstanding attitude.”

Plourde and Towers will be heading to Bangor for an Honors Luncheon this Saturday, April 1, where Towers and other outstanding students will receive individual plaques and will be entered into a drawing for the chance to win one of ten $1,000 scholarships.


With just a few months left of high school, Towers has college on his mind with his focus on civil engineering. His passion for building stems from his time spent working with his dad, who alternates between working at a mill in Wilton and a carpentry business.

“His shifts at the mill are a couple hours on, a couple hours off,” Towers shared. “So, he works on his off days at the carpentry business. I do that during the summer, so that keeps me busy and gets some money too.”

Towers spends free time lifting weights, hanging out with his friends, and building birdhouses.

“When I was little, me and my dad used to build some birdhouses,” Towers said. “So, I think that’s where I got it from.”

Apart from being a math and science buff, Towers also enjoyed history during his time at Spruce Mountain. “I like the 1800s, like Civil War era, and then the Reconstruction Era,” he said.

Tower also stated that he enjoyed taking physics in his final year of high school. “Mr. Taylor is like one of the best teachers I think I’ve ever had,” he stated. “He’s so hands on. It’s not just like you’re sitting at a desk and you’re typing up an essay for 30 minutes. You’re actually hands on learning stuff. That’s definitely one of the most fun classes I think I’ve ever taken.”

Towers also highlighted Coach Scott Bessey, who has made a real impact on the athlete throughout his years as a basketball player. “I’ve been blessed with a great coach,” Towers said. “He’s coached me since fourth grade. So, I’ve had him since like fourth grade, and he’s been the best coach. He’s like another father to me.”

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