Lewiston Evening Journal for March 30, 1923

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100 Years Ago: 1923

Mrs. W. A. Paul of Auburn has a unique souvenir of a recent trip and one which she says she is going to keep, a big round ragged hole in the side of her automobile, made by a bullet from a rifle of a Mexican customs officer. Mrs. Paul returned from her Western trip, some weeks ago, but the thrills which resulted from some of her adventures were not of a nature to be lightly forgotten.

50 Years Ago: 1973

The large audience attending the recent concert presented by the Auburn Community Band responded favorably to the light and airy musical selections which made up the evening’s program. The event was termed as a fine success, with well over 150 persons present for the concert held in the Webster Middle School auditorium.

In the spotlight as a special attraction was the Youth and Chapel Choir of Auburn United Methodist Church. The 35 boys and girls who make up the choir reportedly stole the show with their singing under the direction of Linda Boothby, who also arranged the music.


Another attraction receiving a fine applause was Soliloquy for Trumpets, with Keith Kilbourne of Bridgton as the soloist. Also a top hit with the audience was the Mozart Festival, Phantom Regiment March and Soul Step.

Richard Albert of Bridgton was the conductor for the band.

After the concert, the band members accepted an invitation extended by the Youth and Chapel Choir to a social hour in the vestry of the Methodist Church, Park Avenue, Auburn.

25 Years Ago: 1998

(photo from Sun Journal) Instructor Susan Belding shows her class some of the tricks of arranging cut flowers during a class at the Maine Garden Day on Saturday at CMTC in Auburn. Approximately 500 garden enthusiasts were on hand to learn more about their hobby. It was organized by the University of Maine Cooperative Extension

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