The RSU78 Board of Education met on Tuesday, March 14, 2023 at the Rangeley Lakes Regional School.

Chairwoman Mary Richards opened the meeting by addressing a question from the community as to why the Board does not support athletics. Mrs. Richards clarified that nothing could be further from the truth and the board fully supports athletic programming.

Superintendent Georgia Campbell reported that the Finance Committee has approved the 2023-2024 budget and it will go to the full board shortly. Additionally, RSU 78 has applied for a Title I summer programming grant of $7500 to support the Extended Year Program. Mrs. Campbell offered thanks to Principal Seth Laliberte for his hard work on the Portrait of a Learner, and offered sincere thanks to the board for their support of the Ski Tuesday program, which included a noontime dismissal for students and allowed staff critical professional development time. Gratitude was also expressed to Saddleback, Joanne Dickson from Rangeley Health and Wellness, Rangeley Rotary, and the volunteers for their support of the Ski Tuesday program. Lastly, Mrs. Campbell noted that school staff are scheduled to complete ALICE training which covers lockdown/evacuation emergency procedures. School staff have completed the initial two hour training and will be partnering with MSAD58 on Friday, September 17, 2023 for further in-person instruction, as well as other professional development. Information about this training and how it is scaled for each grade span will be presented at a future board meeting.

Principal Seth Laliberte shared that the ALICE training is about giving staff options and permission to make necessary decisions to keep everyone safe and that it is about situational awareness. Further training to come along with a presentation to the board about the training and programming. Mr. Laliberte also shared that the eighth grade Quebec trip is postponed to May 24-26 due to a bus driver shortage. Work is ongoing with Portrait of a Learner and the next meeting is on May 3rd. In exciting news, high school humanities teacher Ms. Maryam Emami has been nominated for Franklin County Teacher of the Year. Congratulations Ms Emami!

In sports news, junior Bree Quimby made the Maine state ski team. Ms. Quimby and senior Amelia Stokes both made the shoot-outs. High school softball only had five students sign up while high school baseball has enough sign ups but does not have a coach. Pitchers and catchers practice begins on March 20th and official practices begin on March 27th. Mr Laliberte does not have any insight into the lack of student participation or the lack of coaches. RLRS is looking into offering PE credit for varsity sports and hopes that the community can help to support participation in athletics. Lastly, there is a group of students attending a round robin volleyball tournament this weekend, and Nancy Bessey at Moose Alley has been working with former RLRS business manager Sheila Raymond to offer an after school bowling club for students.

Student Representatives Angelica Chavaree-Woodward, Nichole Lemay, and Cheyenne Avery shared that the students really enjoyed bowling and hope to do more of it, the Puerto Rico trip is coming up soon, and juniors made progress on prom planning. They have secured a location and prom will be held at the Farmhouse on Main Street. Third grade donated the most food for the food drive and celebrated with a pizza party hosted by the Student Council. National Honor Society applications were due and many RLRS students are eligible. Congratulations to all those who are eligible!


Committee Reports included updates from Policy Committee which has two action items, their next meeting is on Monday, April 3 at the school; Finance Committee approved the 2023-2024 budget and will bring it to the board at the next meeting. Public comments on the budget are welcome at future meetings and questions or comments can be submitted to either Chris Farmer or Georgia Campbell. Budget challenges included inflation and increased costs as well as meeting student needs; Facilities Committee provided updates on needs like paving, a tractor, and a 14 passenger van. Wall work for the middle school science room is still out for bid; Curriculum Committee will meet again in May or June; Negotiations Committee is making progress and meeting weekly.

2023/2024 budget meeting dates are:
April 11, 2023, presentation to the full board
May 9, 2023, board signs the warrants
June 13, 2023, town/plantations vote
June 14, 2023, board meeting to certify the votes (in lieu of regular Tuesday meeting)

There was one resignation from Katie Willis. Katie’s last day is March 31, 2023. RLRS is grateful for all that Katie has brought to our school community and she will be very missed.

Action items included revisions to policy GCFB, a vote to rescind IHAAB-R and replace it with the updated policy from MSMA of the same name, and consideration of the 2023-2024 School Year Calendar with RTA and Student Council approval. After much discussion, which can be seen via the recording on the school’s YouTube channel, the calendar did not pass and will be discussed again at the next board meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 7:40PM. The next RSU 78 Board of Education meeting will be on Tuesday, April 11, 2023 at 6:00PM at the Rangeley Lakes Regional School in the multipurpose room.

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