“Relinquish,” by Kate Cargile Submitted photo

“Bar Harbor,” by Joyce Coyne Submitted photo

The work of two well-known local artists, Joyce Coyne and Kate Cargile, is on display in the Woman’s Hospital Association Rotating Art Gallery at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston.

Joyce Coyne’s work is recognizable for the light and airy style she has been known for during her art career. Having been involved in art shows and festivals for many years, most recently she has concentrated on home and garden commissions and murals. With the paintings on display, Coyne shares some of her favorite original watercolors of places she has been and painted including the coast of Maine, the Canadian Gaspésie and Bermuda.

Kate Cargile works in a variety of media, including painting, drawing, and printmaking. A local art teacher her artwork is shaped by her strong interests in literature, history, and visual culture studies. “These aspects of my life shape and inspire my artwork. My subject matter ranges from the beauty of the people, objects and places that make up my everyday life to fanciful ideas from myths, legends, tales, and my own wild imagination. While the resulting paintings have clear narratives for me, I wanted viewers to be able to put their own stories into these paintings. The artistic process is like trying to tune an old radio. There are many different stations and frequent static. When you get a clear station, it is always best to listen intently to what is playing.”

The works on display may be purchased through the WHA Gift Shop located adjacent to the main lobby at Central Maine Medical Center. A percentage of sale proceeds benefits patients of CMMC.

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