Brunswick police launched an investigation after a handgun bullet was found at the Harriet Beecher Stowe Elementary School last week.

A student on Thursday found the bullet in the hallway, according to Superintendent Phil Potenziano.

“Per the district’s emergency management plan, the HBS Principal (Heather Blanchard) began an immediate investigation, conducted an assessment using the Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines … and determined there was no threat,” Potenziano said in a statement.

The school was not placed on lockdown.

“We do not have any credible information to believe there is, or was any danger to students or staff,” Brunswick police Chief Scott Stewart said.

Police were investigating this week to determine how the bullet got into the school.

Potenziano and Stewart said their departments met to review the response.

“The School Department in consultation with the police department, has determined that no substantive changes to our response procedures are needed at this time,” Potenziano said. “However, we want our community to know that the safety and security of the Brunswick schools is our top priority. The district has a comprehensive emergency management plan that addresses all hazards and threats and is reviewed regularly.”

“The Brunswick Police Department has an excellent relationship and communication with the Brunswick School Department,” Stewart added. “This event was handled at the school level initially using their established threat assessment procedures.”

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