WILTON — Wilton Select Board on Tuesday, May 2, set a date for a public hearing regarding roads that are closed to winter maintenance. The public hearing will be held on May 16.

Issues with winter road maintenance arose in September of last year, when a resident of Magrath Road, Kara Moody appeared before the Select Board to find a resolution over the lack of winter maintenance on the road.

According to Town Manager Perry Ellsworth at the December meeting, in a 2009 meeting, the town voted to allow the Select Board the authority to close roads to winter maintenance under MSRA 2953. A similar vote was held in 1986, Ellsworth stated.

According to Ellsworth, an order is needed to close the road and the closure is only valid for 10 years. This led to a discussion amongst the board over the validity of discontinuing winter maintenance to roads like Magrath Road since the road closure technically expired in 2019 and was never officially renewed.

A resolution was found in mid-January when the board voted unanimously to allow winter maintenance on Magrath Road for the remainder of this winter.

“We dropped the ball in 2019 or whatever year we should have renewed that,” Selectperson Michael Wells added. “So, we’re, in my estimation, obligated to keep it open [and] passable.”

Other roads that are subject to closure for winter maintenance include Cemetery Road, Hanslip Road and Farmer Road.

A public notice will be sent out for all those interested in voicing their opinion to the board. Selectperson Tiffany Maiuri asked Ellsworth if he could also contact the homeowners as well so they would have an opportunity to share their opinion. Ellsworth agreed.

Chairperson David Leavitt also asked if Ellsworth could bring with him more historical information regarding road closures in Wilton, with Ellsworth agreeing to bring whatever he could find.

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