Sun Journal for May 5, 1998

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100 Years Ago: 1923

They have a new designation on Broadway for the slightly intoxicated. It used to be that a person in such a state was “half seas over.” “It is more descriptive,” Frederic Warren now declares, “to say he is ‘three miles out.'”

50 Years Ago: 1973

(from a Sun Journal photo) HEY, THIS CARNIVAL IS GOING TO BE FUN! These Pettengill School students, Sally Ehrenfried, Nikka Gardner, Teddy Howe and Charles Randell, met this week with one of the three clowns to visit the PTA-sponsored carnival to be held at the school Sunday between one and four o’clock at which time a supper will be served in the school cafeteria. Mrs. Helen Nevitt is general chairman, James Randall, carnival chairman, and Sheila Woodard, supper chairman. Community displays will be arranged by Carroll Scribner, Nancy Hinkley is ticket chairman, Margaret Spencer, dessert chairman, and Sandra Chartier, Colleen Poulin, Robert Hood and John Goodwin are assisting in the overall program.

25 Years Ago: 1998

(from a Sun Journal photo) Ryan Reed, a fifth-grader at the Martel School in Lewiston, shares the bench with Judge Thomas Delahanty at a mock trial held at Superior Court in Auburn Monday. Students from the Lewiston Spark program displayed their courtroom skills. Montello, McMahon, Pettingill and Farwell elementary schools were also involved in the mock trial.

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