LISBON — The Town Council unanimously approved the $19,863,319 Lisbon School Department budget for fiscal year 2023-24 on Tuesday.

The approval puts the budget in the hands of voters who will decide its fate in a June 13 referendum.

The overall budget is up 3%, or $574,119, over last year’s $19,019,596. However, an increase in state subsidy of $776,847 means local contributions — $7,711,014 last year — will decrease almost 0.5% to $7,678,305 this year.

Standout budget changes include a $276,110 increase in transportation; $276,275 increase in elementary teacher salaries; $123,295 increase in high school teacher salaries; $119,122 increase in spending for guidance; $89,862 increase in elementary physical therapy spending; $87,345 increase in operations and maintenance; and $73,109 increase in secondary social work.

Decreases in spending include $184,475 less at Gartley Street School and $57,269 in libraries. Many budget items remained flat or near-flat while increases or decreases of up to $50,000 varied.

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