David Allen art show

BRIDGTON — Gallery 302 is excited to announce the first guest artist of the season, sculptor David Allen of Stone Point Studio in Sebago. His show will run from May 13 through June 16. A reception will be held in the artist’s honor Friday evening, June 2, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. David is a stone sculptor with over 20 years of creative trade and art experience.

His distinctive style combines this naturally occurring medium with various shapes, geometric patterns, and forms. David strives to transform discarded stone remnants into polished kinetic sculptures that come alive with movement, inviting viewers to experience the harmonious dance between form and motion.

David’s creative process begins with carefully selecting discarded stone remnants, each with its own history and character. He is drawn to the inherent qualities of the stone – its texture, color, and shape which serve as the starting point for his artistic expression. Employing traditional sculpting techniques and contemporary approaches, he meticulously carves and shapes the stone unveiling its hidden potential and revealing its inner soul.

In David’s words, “My artwork is a reflection of my deep reverence for nature and my desire to repurpose discarded materials into objects of art…my passion lies in exploring the limitless possibilities of stone as a medium and creating kinetic sculptures that transcend their static nature, inviting viewers to experience the magic of movement in art.”

While David creates large pieces for public installations and Land Art, he will be exhibiting smaller works at Gallery 302 located at 112 Main St. in Bridgton. For additional information please call Gallery 302 at 207-647-2787 or visit gallery302.com.

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